Fox's Ed Henry attacks Democratic debate as “class warfare”

Ed Henry: Julian Castro cited "'reproductive justice,' a phrase we had not quite heard before"

From the June 26 edition of Fox News' Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream

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ED HENRY: You had Julian Castro who was just mentioned a moment ago -- on the issue of abortion, saying that trans women should be able to get abortions, saying it was quote-unquote “reproductive justice,” a phrase we had not quite heard before. Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington, pushing not just the green new deal but saying that he wanted to phase out all fossil fuel production. But on the economy is where we saw this real hard left turn. 


Now, [Bill] De Blasio went on to say that he wanted working families to know that it's not immigrants that are hurting them. Instead, he said, it was the quote-unquote “1%” that is hurting them. So, the bottom line, Shannon, is we saw a whole lot of class warfare tonight. You can bet we will see a lot more on night two as well. 


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