Fox's Dick Morris Pens GOP Campaign Solicitation Through His Fox-Fueled Mailing List

U.S. Senate hopeful Richard Mourdock (R-IN) has enlisted the support of Fox News “political analyst” Dick Morris in an official campaign fundraising email sent through's email list.

In an email sent today, Morris asked “conservative friends” to help Mourdock's primary campaign against incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) by sending Mourdock money. Morris wrote: "Please click on this LINK to send him a campaign contribution. If we let Congress keep its RINOs and give away at the negotiating table the gains we amass at the ballot box, we will have only ourselves to blame."

In his appeal, Morris also wrote that “I recorded a video discussing the dynamics of the race. Click here to watch the video and consider supporting Mourdock." The pro-Mourdock video was sent to subscribers of his list roughly two hours prior to the fundraising solicitation. (Media Matters received the fundraising video at 11:00am ET, and the fundraising solicitation at 12:56pm ET.)

The email, which states it was “Paid for by Hoosiers for Richard Mourdock, Inc.,” also contains a screen capture of Morris and a Fox News logo next to a “donate” button.

Morris fundraised for Mourdock in Columbus, Indiana on April 1. Prices ranged from $100 for an individual attendee to $2,500 for a host. The Mourdock campaign touted Morris' appearance in a press release announcing it “raised $157,689.70 from 643 donors since announcing his candidacy for the U.S. Senate on February 22nd of this year.”

Morris builds subscribers to his email list through his website, which contains several sign-up solicitations. Fox News regularly helps employee Morris promote the site. A search of Nexis over the past year returned 77 results for the term, “” on Fox News.