Fox's Dana Perino agrees Republicans should campaign on “the brown wave overwhelming the southern border”

From the August 9 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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GERALDO RIVERA (GUEST CO-HOST): I agree with Jason's proposal, Dana, that immigration is the biggest issue because I think it encapsulates a lot of other things, like race and --


RIVERA: Jobs and social class and all the rest of it. But which image is more powerful, the classic image of a brown wave overwhelming the southern border, all these immigrants coming and ruining our quality of life or ICE going into peaceable homes and going after you know, Diego Garcia, who has been a gardener here for 30 years and he married an American citizen and his children are all born here and they're in public school. Which image is more powerful and won't that in Jason's word --

PERINO: I guess it depends on where you sit, right so I think that the wave is definitely the more powerful image as the president paints it. But you know like earlier this week there was a story about a marine whose wife whose came here illegally 30 years ago or something. They have two children. He has served in Iraq three times. She got deported and that story, it was an AP story, but it doesn't get a ton of coverage, but if you get enough of those then you might actually start to see some push back.


GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): The difference between the right and the left are laws. The difference in the immigration debate is the stance of abiding a law. The conservatives, Republicans want you to abide by the law, the left are saying no, no, no, sanctuary, sanctuary. People are fleeing, refugees are fleeing countries precisely because there are laws missing. The reason why they're coming to America is because our laws create order which enables freedom that allows people to live their lives in safety. If you look at Somalia, which has no laws, the Congo, Venezuela, which is chaos, they have no laws. You got to get out.


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