Fox's Dan Bongino claims to have “evidence” that Mueller knew the Russia investigation was “a major spying scandal by the Obama administration, yet continued to investigate”

From the April 1 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): The attorney general said he's going to release the full report by April 15th. Democrats were calling for him to do that by tomorrow, on the 2nd. The headlines this morning read, or over the weekend, “Unreasonable. They are trying to hide the report.” What's your reaction? 

DAN BONGINO (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): They are not trying to hide the report. You know, I think they want it released before Mike Flynn's sentencing. Because I think they've got a lot to hide. Here's the real question. You know, I have been working all weekend. That's probably why I look a little tired today. Seriously up all night on a show today that's going to probably blow your minds.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Your podcast? 

BONGINO: There's something -- oh, yeah. There is something really, really suspicious going on, guys. Based on evidence, this isn't some nonsense stuff pulled out of the air. But the real question now, I think the Democrats are running from, is what was Bob Mueller up to for 675 days? Guys, it's becoming increasingly clear that Bob Mueller knew as early as June of 2017, in other words a month after he was appointed, and I believe no later than July of 2017, that this collusion thing not only was a hoax, but was a major spying scandal by the Obama administration, yet continued to investigate. And Mike Flynn is a big part of this whole thing.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Well and in fact, the president has made it very clear he wants to go to the very origins of the Mueller report and try to figure out the FISA stuff. And so Republicans, and this could actually be what you are talking about, are trying so hard to get all these documents that launch things released to the public. 

BONGINO: Steve, think about this, right? In just common sense terms, if you found out in July of 2017 that the entire case, Bob Mueller that is, you are investigating is a complete total hoax based on a dossier, not a scintilla or shred of evidence other than the dossier has ever been produced that the collusion scandal existed, right? Wouldn't you just wrap it up and tell the American people. 

DOOCY: Yeah. 

BONGINO: But that's not what happens. Look what happens in July within a few days, Paul Manafort's house is raided, George Papadopoulos is arrested at the airport? Why? You are investigating a hoax. Why are you arresting people? That's the question.

KILMEADE: Absolutely. And Michael Flynn never got along with the Obama administration. He didn't like the way they were siphoning down and getting intelligence to the president, and he got fired. And he basically --

BONGINO: And he fought the Iran Deal. The Iran Deal, Brian, that's the kicker.

KILMEADE: He thought it was terrible. 

BONGINO: He thought it was awful and the Obama administration couldn't stand him for it. 


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