Fox's Chris Wallace attacks CNN reporter: “Acosta's behavior was shameful” while questioning Trump

From the November 7 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered Overtime:

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HARRIS FAULKNER (HOST): Chris first of all, people who criticized this president for not a lot of access must not watch much, because every time he gets on anything that can fly or he wants to hold a news conference, it hits Twitter and then he pops up and takes questions. 

CHRIS WALLACE (FOX NEWS SUNDAY HOST): Well, this was an extraordinary performance, but it was -- it was classic Trump. And you saw all the notes that he can play. He was combative at times, he got into a fight with Jim Acosta of CNN, I have to say I thought that his -- Acosta's behavior was shameful, if not to the --

FAULKNER: Have you seen the video with that woman? It's tough to watch.

WALLACE: Well yeah, I did, I was watching it live when it happened and he just refused to sit down and stop answering questions. I've never seen anything like it, I've covered the White House with Ronald Reagan for six years. In terms of the news, I think the most interesting thing was a real olive branch, but an olive branch with some thorns to [Rep.] Nancy Pelosi, who I know is going to speak in a couple of moments. He said basically, I want to deal with you but if you begin investigations and you start going for my tax returns and stuff, then we're not going to -- it's not going to happen. He also said on what was clearly a split decision last night, they won and kept control and expanded their control of the Senate but they lost the House, he called it a tremendous victory. But the peace offensive and the effort to try to win over Nancy Pelosi was fascinating and what'll be interesting to see is when she speaks in a couple of minutes how she's going to respond to it. But also the tenor of the news conference, quite extraordinary. I mean, most of the people there were serious reporters asking the serious questions, but Jim Acosta I thought embarrassed himself today. 


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