Fox's Cavuto Lectures Higher Minimum Wage Advocate About The Price Of Big Macs Going Up

Naquasia LeGrand: “Everything Else Is Going Up But Our Pay”

From the April 4 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): Do you find this a little bit too fast? Too much too fast? I mean even some liberal economists, some union economists are saying, we could see when the President first proposed a $9.25 minimum wage and upped it to 10 over a number of years, that was doable in stages. This is too much too fast. A lot of people are going to lose their jobs. You say what?

NAQUASIA LEGRAND: No, I say this is great that this is happening fast. People are losing their jobs now as we speak. Whether we fight or not, people are already losing their jobs, losing their homes. I mean, this is the way that we're standing in solidarity, standing together. This is a way to keep us together and have job security so by this moving rapidly the way it is is definitely great for all low-wage workers around this country.

CAVUTO: Let me ask you something though. When you go to, let's say a fast food restaurant, do you look at the price of the items on the menu? Would you pay more for some of those items if it meant a higher minimum wage for the workers there?

LEGRAND: Let's just say -- the fact that I work at a fast food place and barely could pay for the number one meal because I had to work at least two hours, yes, I think that says a whole lot. That says that something has to change. For me to put back into my economy I need more money in my pockets.

CAVUTO: But what about people who go to that restaurant, let's say to a McDonald's where a Big Mac let's say is $3.99, right? The estimate is that it would rise to $5.50 to support a $15 minimum wage. Not right away, in stages, but that it would, and that a lot of people who might not work in fast food will say, “forget that, I'll just go somewhere else.” What do you say?

LEGRAND: I say to that they raising everything each and every day.

CAVUTO: Well that's a pretty big leap. I mean, looking at this, Naquasia, that's going from 3.99 to 5.50. A Big Mac meal from 5.69 to 7.85. For a lot of families who don't have a lot of money, that cuts a big deal.

LEGRAND: I mean, McDonald's raised the Big Mac just last week, but I have not received a raise. So therefore everything else is going up but our pay. And that's why 64 million workers who are living in poverty decided to stand together to make a difference, to bring back our country and make it stronger.

CAVUTO: I see what you're saying, and I understand your frustration. You want to get paid more and a lot of you want to get paid more. But do you ever worry that it could boomerang on you? A lot of these restaurants, McDonald's included, are automating services. Kiosks now that used to have people, now all that automated. The food line is automated. We're seeing this in scores of places where to cut back on the costs of labor, everyone from fast food franchises to retail stores are doing that. Are you afraid that you're going to speed that process up and push yourself right out of a job?

LEGRAND: Not at all. McDonald's has been around a long time,


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