Fox's Carl Cameron Plays Romney Surrogate On Welfare Reform

Fox News' Carl Cameron is helping the Romney campaign cover up the GOP candidate's hypocrisy on welfare reform.

Mitt Romney's campaign released today a new advertisement attacking President Obama for “quietly announcing a plan to gut welfare reform,” referring to a Department of Health and Human Services rule change that grants states more flexibility in granting waivers to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Family (TANF) program's work requirements. A number of media outlets have pointed out a fatal flaw in Romney's attack: that in 2005, then-Massachusetts governor Romney joined several other Republican governors in endorsing similar TANF waivers. But for Carl Cameron, the facts undermining the ad took a back seat to repeating -- indeed, embellishing -- the Romney campaign message.

Reporting on the ad this morning on America's Newsroom, Cameron called the ad a “renewed attack” on Obama as “an extreme liberal,” and said the Romney campaign views the TANF rule change as “just big-government liberalism putting more and more government dependency into the economic bloodstream.”

Cameron's language echoed the Romney campaign's press release on the ad, which describes the president as a “devoted believer in old-school, big-government liberalism” who wants “a culture of dependency.”