Fox's Cal Thomas Predicts Collapse of Civilization After Marriage Equality Rulings

Cal Thomas

Fox News contributor and syndicated columnist Cal Thomas has joined the chorus of right-wing commentators proclaiming national doom in the wake of the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decisions last week.

In a July 1 column for, Thomas condemned the high court for its rulings striking down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and dismissing the Proposition 8 case on the grounds that its supporters lacked standing. Like his Fox colleague Todd Starnes - who tweeted that the Supreme Court had “overrule[d] God” - Thomas accused the Court of poking its finger in the eye of the Almighty

The Supreme Court has narrowly, but effectively, removed another standard on the way to full acceptance of its right to redefine marriage and raise itself to a level higher than the Creator.

What or who is to stop them? Various religious-political groups formed over many years to confront cultural erosion are in retreat and increasingly ineffective.

Thomas then proceeded to reprise his claim that a nation that embraces marriage equality will soon condone polygamy and pedophilia:

Polygamist groups have made it known they wish to be next in line to enjoy full constitutional protection for their lifestyle. Utah was forced to outlaw polygamy before admission to the Union. Can it, should it, revert to its previous practice and who has the authority to say “no”?

There are people who favor sex and marriage between adults and children. On what basis should they be denied their “right to happiness”? 

Today's “that goes too far” easily becomes tomorrow's “right” with a morally vacuous media leading the charge and a morally exhausted people who are afraid to say “stop,” for fear they'll be labeled “bigots.”

Among the developments Thomas cites as the basis for the nation descending a slippery slope into accepting polygamy and pedophilia: "The New York Times recently editorialized in favor of transgender rights."

In Thomas' estimation, the advance of equal rights for LGBT citizens will lead to nothing less than civilizational collapse: “History is full of examples of empires that collapsed from within before they were conquered from without.”

While Fox's relatively tame reaction to the Court's rulings suggested that the network was wary of leading a crusade against marriage equality, its willingness to grant moral scolds like Thomas a platform indicates that bigotry and anti-gay misinformation still enjoy an outlet there.