Fox's Brit Hume: “If I Were Trump I'd Want Somebody Of [Roger Ailes'] Ability To Be Helping Me” With The Debate

From the September 22 edition of Fox News’ On The Record with Brit Hume:

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FRED BARNES: He did do well in that. He needs to be restrained and let the -- it's like a basketball game. Let the game come to you. Now, that sounded like the advice that he was giving himself. But, if I were going in to a presidential debate, the first person I would call is Roger Ailes, because I remember Roger Ailes' effect on Ronald Reagan in 1984. Now I was one of the questioners of Reagan in the first debate. 


Oh, he was a zombie. He was terrible. I walked up to him afterwards on the stage and he was stricken. He knew how bad he had done. And you could see that his confidence was shaken. Roger Ailes prepared him for that second debate where he was brilliant and funny and relaxed and restrained and the Reagan we remember. 

BRIT HUME (HOST):  Yeah, the campaign is kind of denying that Roger is playing much of a role. I know that if I were Trump, I'd want somebody of that ability to be helping me. 


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