Fox's Bolling Promotes Trump's Plan To Torture And Indiscriminately Bomb To Deal With Terrorism

Eric Bolling: “God Forbid We Waterboard. God Forbid We Pour Water On Terrorists' Faces”

From the June 29 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

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SANDRA SMITH: But Julie, you look at his tough talk, Donald Trump, and you wonder why people like that so much after we just heard, Meghan and Eric criticizing Barack Obama's soft tone in reaction to this attack. People, they're hungry for that They're hungry for that tough talk. 

JULIE ROGINSKY (CO-HOST): They may be hungry for it, but I also think you want to see it backed up with action. And when you have Donald Trump tweeting out essentially saying these are people who are beheading westerners and we should fight fire with fire, which a lot of people took to say we should do waterboarding and worse. Endorsing torture, there are plenty of Republicans --

ERIC BOLLING: God forbid we waterboard. God forbid we pour water on terrorists' face to get some information. 

ROGINSKY: Talk to people, including a lot of Republicans, including your father, who don't agree with that notion. Having said that it’s great. You want to see outrage? You want to see tone? Nobody’s got better bluster than Donald Trump. Nobody’s got more, you know, throw things -- but the reality is, how are you going to do it? How are you going to do it? What is Donald Trump going to do?Is he going to deploy troops on the ground to do this? Is he going to as Meghan suggests put thousands of troops into Syria, into Iraq, into Libya, into Tunisia, into the Sinai Peninsula? Is that what he is going to do? Wherever ISIS is spreading? Is that what he is going to do?


BOLLING: All five people on this couch right now, and 80% of the audience watching right now, where is the power center of ISIS? What town is it? 

ROGINSKY: It’s in Raqqa. You have to destroy Raqqa. 

BOLLING: Why is Raqqa not a parking lot right now? If all of us know it, Barack Obama knows it, military knows it, level the city. It’s their headquarters, it’s their training ground. 


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