Fox's Bolling Calls Liberalism “A Dangerous Virus” Like Ebola

Eric Bolling's Extreme Rhetoric Parrots Far Right-Wing Media Figures' Demonization Of Liberalism


Fox News host Eric Bolling warned America that “liberalism is a dangerous virus,” echoing the kind of dangerous rhetoric that right-wing media figures like Glenn Beck have spread for years.

In an October 6 opinion piece, Bolling wrote that while people are concerned about Ebola, the virus of liberalism is already here:

Wake up, America!

While everyone is up in arms about Ebola, and we must remain vigilant and fight it with all we have, there is another virus that has already taken hold of Americans in every state: liberalism.

Truth, transparency, freedom and liberty. The flag, “Under God” patriotism have all been tossed out the window.

They are being replaced by “everybody gets a trophy,” “share the wealth,” “government knows what's best for your business,” your family and even what should go on in your bedroom.

Be careful, America. Liberalism is a dangerous virus.


Wake up, America. Liberalism is a virus, too.

Try not to catch it. And if you do, for goodness sake, don't spread it!!

Bolling's eliminationist rhetoric -- the belief that the liberals are a disease weakening America -- has been echoed by far right-wing media figures for years. In 2009, actor turned WND columnist Pat Boone compared liberalism to “A deadly virus ... loosed throughout our system.” Throughout 2010, on his radio show, on Fox News, and even at his CPAC keynote speech, former Fox News host Glenn Beck called progressivism “the poison that's killing our Constitution” that “we've got to irradiate;” a “disease in the republic;” and “the cancer in America.” And in 2012, right-wing columnist David Limbaugh likened liberalism to “a metastatic cancer.”

Bolling wasn't the only conservative media figure to compare liberals to a disease on Monday. Right-wing author, filmmaker, and conservative media darling Dinesh D'Souza compared President Obama's father to Ebola, asking “which is a more dangerous infection?”