Fox's Bill Hemmer falsely claims “rights were never bought to” story about Trump's affair with former Playboy model

In 2016, the National Enquirer's parent company attempted to kill Karen McDougal's story by purchasing “exclusive ownership” of it but not publishing it

From the July 25 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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MO ELLEITHEE (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I think that point can't be understated. The president just yesterday stood at a podium and told the American people -- told his supporters, do not believe what you hear in the press, what you see and what you hear is not what is happening. Here we hear the president, in his own voice, contradicting what he said months later on Air Force One, when directly asked this very question by the press, and he denied that he knew anything about a payment. Here we now know the president did know. That's issue number one, is, if you thought Donald Trump -- if you voted for Donald Trump because you thought everyone in Washington was lying to you and you thought he would be different, guess what? He ain't. 

HEMMER: But, Mo, rights were never bought to the story, and the story was never printed. So you're jumping through hoops to try and make your case that that the Trump team, through his attorney, was trying to conceal this story. 

ELLEITHEE: You have on tape Michael Cohen talking about setting up a corporation in order to run money through, and the president knows fully well and assents to it. 


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