Fox's Ari Fleischer invokes Benghazi to downplay Trump's tabloid payment to bury bad stories

From the December 13 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered Overtime:

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ARI FLEISCHER (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): On the AMI issue, if Donald Trump directed it, it's probably problematic. But let me also say, the idea of media corporations not playing a role in campaigns is a joke. Does anybody remember when 60 Minutes suppressed information about Barack Obama, contradicting what he said in one of the presidential debates about Benghazi being caused by terrorism? 60 Minutes sat on that, did not make that information public, that he was contradicted in their interview. They suppressed the news until the day before the 2012 election. Media companies do play roles in elections, and everybody knows it. 

JUDY MILLER (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): But Barack Obama did not pay 60 Minutes and CBS not to run that story. 

FLEISCHER: That's why I said, if Donald Trump directed it, it's different. Payment can make it different. But the idea that a media corporation doesn't do this -- Donald Trump is right, the people are targeting him and going after him for things they would not target others. Like you pointed out with the congressional slush fund. Why can Congress do this and they get to pay it out of taxpayer dollars, not have to declare it on their FEC reports, but they're going to charge the president for this? That's a false double standard. 


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