Fox's Ari Fleischer: Democrats “don't have the high ground” against Trump rhetorically because they've called Republicans racist

Fleischer: “Democrats throw it against everybody when it has nothing to do with the truth. So there's a lot about Trump fighting back I welcome.”

From the November 1 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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SANDRA SMITH (CO-HOST): It's really interesting to dig into this piece written by [Fox News contributor] Marc Thiessen, published in The Washington Post, in which that piece is titled, “Our descent into vitriol began long before Trump -- and Democrats are culpable too.” In his piece, he goes on to cite moments in very recent history where Democrats have set a similar tone. And I know that you tweeted back at Marc Thiessen. What where your thoughts to him? 

ARI FLEISCHER (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, what he was doing was walking people through a whole history of attacks Democrats have made against Republicans, which Republicans graciously brushed off, and saying the Democrats are hypocrites. They don't have the high ground to criticize President Trump when they do it themselves. Yes, President Trump sometimes does deserve blame, and I've said it it on Fox News, I'll say it everywhere, and I tweet it too, he should't have said, in Montana, about body-slamming a reporter. You just don't talk like that. It's physical violence, no one should encourage it or talk about it. He shouldn't have -- he should not call reporters  “enemy of the people.” I don't like that language. Tone it down two notches. That's all he has to do. He can still fight, and here's why fighting is so important: It doesn't matter who the Republican is, the Democrats will always call them a racist. They called George W. Bush a racist and ran ads against Bush alleging he was a racist, they called [John] McCain a racist, they called Mitt Romney a racist. Remember Joe Biden? He said, “Republicans want to put you all back in chains.” It doesn't matter, the Democrats throw it against everybody when it has nothing to do with the truth. So there's a lot about Trump fighting back I welcome, and especially because the media is totally biased, he's right. 


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