Fox's Andrew Napolitano praises appointment of John Durham to investigate the Mueller probe: “This person has prosecutorial authority”

Napolitano: “The attorney general picked the right person at the right time to do this job that the president has been asking for” 

From the May 14 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Another person looking into how this all got started. What do you know about this? 

ANDREW NAPOLITANO (FOX NEWS SENIOR JUDICIAL ANALYST): Yes but this person has prosecutorial authority. I mean, the inspector general, Mike Horowitz, whose report we expect almost any week now cannot prosecute. And the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well-intentioned as Senator Graham may be, cannot prosecute. But John Durham can prosecute. So this is the investigation that the president has been calling for and that the president has promised. Who and how and under what circumstances did the whole thing get started. And if anybody committed a crime, is there still enough time left to prosecute them? This is finally coming together in one place at one time before a very experienced prosecutor who has been Washington's go-to guy when they need themselves -- some aspect of the federal government -- investigated.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Well, he has gone after the FBI. He has gone after -- 


DOOCY: How the CIA treated people and where those videotapes went. 

NAPOLITANO: Yes, so he is very experienced. You know, it's unusual, having been in law enforcement I can tell you, it's unusual when the target is somebody you work with. Part of the law enforcement community.

DOOCY: That's not what makes it hard. 

NAPOLITANO: Correct. It's not unusual for him because he is the guy they keep going to for it. So in my view the attorney general picked the right person at the right time to do this job that the president has been asking for.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): So in theory, he could walk over -- tell me if this is likely. He could look at this and say, 'Yeah, I don't like some of the things that were done but I can understand why the FBI did it judging by what's coming at them at that time.' Could that be a --

NAPOLITANO: That's the Chris Wray argument from the other day that the president was so upset about. In theory -- the answer to your question is yes, Brian, in theory, he could also say this was a lie. This was falsified. This was perjury. This was fraud, this was deception. I'm going to indict all these people. 


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