Fox's Ablow Tells Tea Partiers They're Like “Slaves” Ready To “Revolt”

Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow told a Tea Party rally that they're like “slaves” who have become “enslaved by the notion of ever-increasing taxes,” health care reform, and gun laws. Ablow told the crowd that those grievances “can't stand, because slaves always revolt.”

Ablow spoke at an April 13 Tax Day Tea Party Rally in Boston. In a video of the speech posted to YouTube, Ablow, who was billed as a “FOX NEWS expert on psychiatry,” attacked President Obama as someone who is psychologically damaged because he was “abandoned” as a child (a frequent critique by Ablow).

Near the end of his remarks, Ablow invoked slavery:

ABLOW: Dependency on anything, a drug or the government, does not last. It can't last because deep in our souls, we know that only independence works. Not far from here, my mentor, Ted Nadelson, once told me, “You know, the thing with slaves is you can't keep them, they always revolt.” And that's what's going to happen here. Enslaved by the notion of ever-increasing taxes; told that we can't spend our money, even the money we do take home, the way we want to; told that adulthood starts at 25 [a reference to the Affordable Care Act allowing dependents to stay insured until age 26], if ever; told that nobody really should be able to hold a firearm and know that he can, or she, can defend his family or her family, if push comes to shove. That can't stand, because slaves always revolt.

Ablow has a long history of launching incendiary attacks against progressives and dispensing “pop-psychology nonsense” as a member of Fox's purported “Medical A-Team.” Ablow once blamed the rise of conspiracies about President Obama's birth certificate on Obama supposedly “sever[ing] himself from all core emotion.” Following the 2012 vice presidential debate, Ablow claimed that Vice President Joe Biden may be suffering from dementia. And Ablow regularly launches anti-LGBT attacks that, in the words of an American Psychiatric Association fellow, “have little basis in current clinical practices.”

As Media Matters has documented, conservative media figures have routinely attacked progressives and the Obama administration for promoting policies that supposedly enslave Americans.