Fox's Ablow Calls Obama Speech A “Psychological Projection Of An Abandoned Boy's Vision”

Fox News psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow attacked President Obama's State of the Union address as the “psychological projection of an abandoned boy's vision” and claimed Obama has a message of distrusting initiative that is “remarkably toxic” to young people's “psychological well-being.”

In a February 13 op-ed, Ablow continued his campaign of attacking Obama's policy proposals by highlighting his non-traditional upbringing. Ablow claimed Obama's State of the Union address was “psychologically predictable” because he was “abandoned as a boy by his father, and then his mother.”  He also attacked Obama's policy proposals on stronger gun laws and health care, asserting his core message was toxic to the “psychological well-being” of young Americans:

The president is psychologically predictable. He does not surprise. Having been abandoned as a boy by his father, and then his mother, only to then learn that his grandmother feared people of his race, he seems inherently to distrust individual initiative and intention and to place his trust only in the collective--i.e. the state. What benefits a burgeoning central authority is good for all.  When a child's guardians keep letting him down in profound ways, that child can grow up to want a lot of power himself and distrust the idea of giving anyone else very much.


Many millions of young Americans listened to Barack Obama on Tuesday night, as they have listened to his core message for nearly five long years. And his message has remained remarkably consistent and remarkably toxic to their psychological well-being: Do not rely on yourself. Entitlement Nation will parent you, until you forget about growing up, period. Stay on your parents' health insurance, even if you are 18 and in great health and would rather -- wisely or not -- use that money to start an Internet company in your basement. It's okay to blame rich people if you can't earn money.


Welcome to the psychological projection of an abandoned boy's vision of how much you can rely on other individuals and on yourself. The less, the better. When your mother and father take off on you as a kid, when your white grandmother seems to fear people of color, you probably figure putting any trust in individuals is crazy.

Ablow continues to use his position on Fox News to highlight Obama's purported "abandonment" issues and attack his policy agenda as "bad for the country."