What Jobs Numbers?


After this post went live, updated their homepage with the following headline, which links to an article about the “campaign firestorm” over the new unemployment number:

Original post:

This morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the September unemployment rate fell to 7.8%. With the election just a month away, the report is being characterized as “unexpected good news” for President Obama. While some conservatives responded to the jobs report by alleging that the BLS was cooking the books to aid Obama's re-election, is currently treating it as minor news.

The drop in unemployment is given a small headline beneath their top story: Vice President Joe Biden restating the administration's years-old policy of wanting to let Bush tax cuts expire for top earners -- a story that has been aggressively pushed by the GOP and the Romney campaign. (It also appears in a small headline in their “Markets” section on the right side of the page.) :

For comparison, here's how the jobs news is being treated at other major news organizations.

New York Times:

Washington Post:

CBS News:

ABC News:

NBC News: