Fox Wrong Again On The Global Temperature Record

Last night on Fox News' The Five, Greg Gutfeld claimed that the world was hotter in 1910 than it is now:

GUTFELD: Can I address something, Bob? You always bring up this streak, the last ten years was about one and a half degrees warmer than the climate of the 70's. So that means - and actually, they also say that it hasn't been this warm since 1910. So that means we're still not back up to the 1910 levels of heat.

We are far above the “1910 levels of heat” as can easily be seen from the global temperature record, which dates back to 1850. This chart shows how the global surface temperature each year differs from the 1961-1990 average:

As this chart from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration makes clear, the last decade was the warmest on record:

This isn't the first time Fox has had trouble reading the temperature data. Previously, Fox News' Sean Hannity falsely claimed 2009 was the “coldest year on record,” and Fox guest Brian Sussman falsely claimed the “hottest decade in history was the 1930s.”

The Five appears to be fast becoming Fox News' new home for climate change misinformation and mockery. Watch Gutfeld attempt to explain temperature records: