On Fox, White House deputy press secretary says White House press briefings will return when there is “a reason to do that”

From the January 22 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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SANDRA SMITH (CO-HOST): We came to expect those afternoon briefings, press briefings from the White House every day almost. That came to an end. Is there -- and the last we checked, there has not been one held this year, Hogan. Is there any plans to start that back up again? Or see Sarah Sanders back up at the podium? 

HOGAN GIDLEY (WHITE HOUSE DEPUTY PRESS SECRETARY): She's going to come back when she finds a reason to do that, because, so often, it's so funny because the media often tell us that when Sarah Sanders stands behind me at this podium, “Why can't we hear from the president? We need to hear more from the president.” So, we put the president out, he speaks to the media every day, and then they say, “Why can't we hear from Sarah Sanders?” It's kind of ridiculous, you can't win for losing half the time.


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