Fox Turns To Karl Rove To Give Romney Pre-Election Advice

Fox News gave Karl Rove more than six minutes of airtime to promote his super PAC's latest ad and Mitt Romney's campaign in the waning days of the election.

On the October 25 edition of Fox & Friends, co-host Brian Kilmeade interviewed Rove, who rehashed his latest Wall Street Journal column in which he outlined his take on President Obama's and Mitt Romney's strategies in the final push to the election. Kilmeade prompted Rove to give advice to Romney, asking him what states of the “big nine” swing states Romney should focus on.

Though he has done so before, there is little need for Rove to offer Romney advice in public -- he's already helping the Republican presidential candidate through the millions of dollars in anti-Obama ads purchased by his super PAC, American Crossroads.

Despite the clear ethical conflict of Rove analyzing an election that his organization plans to spend $300 million trying to influence, Kilmeade also played Crossroads' latest ad and asked Rove to comment on it. This follows Rove's pattern of using his status as a Fox contributor to push the messaging of his super PAC.

Unsurprisingly, Rove offered a much more disparaging view of what he purports is Obama's election strategy, complaining that Obama's campaign is calling Romney a “liar.” His statements are ironic given that American Crossroads ads contain false claims about Obama and his policies.

Kilmeade noted that Romney is following Rove's advice by limiting his interviews to local media -- where the Romney campaign has previously tried to place limits on the questions local reporters can ask the candidate.

Rove was simply offering up more post-truth politics on a post-truth channel.