Fox Revives Zombie Myth That The Super-Rich Are “Job Creators”

Conservatives Fall Back On 2012 Talking Point To Attack Progressives

Fox attempted to revive the undying zombie myth that progressive economic policies that would increase taxes for the super-rich would hurt “job creators” and harm the economy. As venture capitalist Nick Hanauer has pointed out, wealthy people are not the source of jobs on their own because jobs are created as a “consequence of the feedback loop between customers and businesses.” Economist Jared Bernstein has argued a similar point, noting that “it's not clear who the job creators really are” in the American consumer economy while stressing that the phrase “job creator” can be used to insulate interest groups from “taxes, regulation, and especially unfriendly rhetoric.” Fox News' latest attempt to paint the super-rich as benevolent job creators facing assault by progressive policy priorities mirrors conservative talking points that were dominant during the 2012 election cycle. From the February 19 edition of Fox News' Happening Now:

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JENNA LEE (HOST): The lifestyles of the rich and famous may include more taxes if a Democratic candidate wins the White House. Both Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders say the wealthiest Americans should pay more in taxes. But is that consistent with their promise to create jobs? Our National correspondent William La Jeunesse looked at America's rich as an engine of innovation and job creation. He joins us live from our west coast bureau. William

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE: Well Jenna, we added up every job created or controlled by the wealthiest Americans. The top 100 on average created 40,000 jobs each. So voters can blame them for inequality but without them, experts say you won't grow the economy.


LA JEUNESSE: So the irony is while many young Progressives want to tax the rich, they are likely saying it on Bill Gates software or Zuckerberg's Facebook while using an iPhone developed by another billionaire, Jenna, the late Steve Jobs. Back to you.


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