Fox Reporter Lauren Green's Double Standard On Reza Aslan And Islam

Here Are Eight Reports On Islam From Green, Who Questioned Muslim Scholar For Writing About Christianity

During a recent interview, Fox News reporter Lauren Green repeatedly questioned the propriety of religious scholar Reza Aslan writing about the Christian faith when he's Muslim. Green's standard is not only absurd on its face, it's also hypocritical: Green is a Christian who frequently writes and reports about Islam as Fox's religion correspondent.

Green joined Fox News in 1996 and was Fox News chief Roger Ailes' first on-air talent hire. An October 16, 2007, Baptist Press article reported that Green spoke to Christian college students about the importance of Christianity in her reporting, said journalists would achieve ultimate success by holding the Christian faith, and encouraged students not to “abandon your faith” in their work. From Baptist Press: 

Journalists' first obligation is to seek truth, and the only way absolute truth can be found is by measuring humanity's idea of truth against God's standards, she said. Therefore, the only way for a journalist to achieve ultimate success is to hold to the Christian faith, Green said.

By having compassion on people and informing them of the truth, Christian journalists can change the world, she said.

“That's my challenge to all of you -- the only way to be true to your craft is to go deeper into your faith,” she said. "You can't abandon your faith, because this world will try to help you see a different light. (The world will say), 'There's a different truth out there.'

“No. The law of God stands firm. There is no other truth but that. And so the only way to really understand and really do your job better is to get out there and to understand what the real truth of the world is and to never back down from it.”

Here are eight examples of stories that, by her flawed standard, Green shouldn't have filed: 

Green: “Is There Something In Islam That Makes Believers More Susceptible to Radicalization?” Green wrote a March 10, 2011, piece about Islam and violence, and wrote, “I believe essentially there are three things that may make Islam more prone to radicalization.” She explained:

I believe essentially there are three things that may make Islam more prone to radicalization. One is the Koran itself. The fact that it's not a narrative makes it easier to pick and choose verses to fit your interpretation.

Two, the Prophet Mohammed's own words and deeds. In Islam's early days, Mohammed spread the faith with the sword.

Three, Islam was introduced into a world rife with tribalism; a shame and honor culture which revered and respected power. Much of what's going in Libya and what went on under Saddam Hussein, are extensions of that tribalism.

Green added: “There are conflicting interpretations of the Koran, but without a clear narrative, with one consensus of purpose, followers who do violence in the name of Islam can legitimately claim they are acting within the parameters of their faith.” 

Green Reported On Concerns That Muslim Immigrants In Minnesota Represents A “Cultural Invasion.” Green filed a July 4, 2007, report for The Big Story with John Gibson about whether Muslim immigrants in Minnesota represent a “cultural invasion.” During the report, Green interviewed Somali immigrants, and also reported that “behind this veneer of reasonableness, some fear the Somali community is putty in the hands of a more radical Islamic agenda.”

Green Reported On Results From A Pew Research Poll On Muslims' Attitudes On Politics, Religion and Terrorism. Green reported on a Pew Research Center survey of Muslims around the world for the April 30 edition of America Live.

Green Reported On Whether Islam Is A Violent Religion. During a June 15 report for Fox News, Green aired a he-said-he-said report on whether Islam is a violent religion. Green aired a quote from Zuhdi Jasser stating that the faith most Muslims practice is peaceful, while airing another quote from Al Fadi stating that “Islam itself is violent.”

Green Discussed Islam's Influence On Boston Bombers. During the April 27 edition of Fox Business' Tom Sullivan Show, Green discussed differences between mainstream and radical Islam in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Green Reported On Mosques Opening Their Doors In A Campaign To Counter Negative Stereotypes. In an October 22, 2010, piece for, Green reported on how “Muslim leaders nationwide are flinging open the doors to their mosques, hoping to present a positive image of Islam.” The piece quoted Muslims and also quoted anti-Islam blogger Pamela Geller, who said the openings are “bringing people to Islam to convert.”

Green Reported On Criticism Of Ground Zero Mosque. A May 14, 2010, piece reported: “Outraged family members and community groups are accusing a Muslim group of trying to rewrite history with its plans to build a 13-story mosque and cultural center just two blocks from Ground Zero, where Islamic extremists flew two planes into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.”

Green Reported On Conflicts Over Construction Of Mosques In Towns. Green reported on the “list of midsized towns in the U.S. that are embroiled in conflicts over proposed mosques being built or bought in their neighborhoods” for on July 2, 2010. Green also reported on the controversy on-air for Fox News.