Fox regular falsely claims Attorney General Barr would have to “break the law” to give unredacted Mueller report to Congress

From the May 13 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (CO-ANCHOR): Democrats hammering away at the president with a common theme in recent days.


Constitutional crisis seemed to be the phrase of the day. Go ahead and react to that. 

JOHN SUNUNU (FORMER NEW HAMPSHIRE GOVERNOR): Yeah, there's two perspectives on this issue of constitutional -- so-called constitutional crisis. One is the factual basis of it. And it's really the most important part. What Nadler and the Democrats wanted Barr to do was to break the law and send them parts of the redacted Mueller report that are against the law for Barr to send to them. And they are using the threat of contempt to try and blackmail him into sending something that would break the law. You have to be really dumb -- Nadler and Pelosi have to be really dumb if they think any serious federal court will support a contempt effort to get at the attorney general based on urging him to break the law. No federal court is going to force him to break the law. But there is a political side to this. And I think the president and the Republicans are making a mistake if they think the right response to this phony constitutional crisis call is to just talk about the economy. I think they should be focusing on the fact that the Democrats are trying to make somebody break the law. The American public understands that much more than they do just saying that the Democrats are just trying to raise the level of noise. 


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