Fox regular claims asylum-seekers “exploit the weakness” in U.S. asylum laws

From the March 6 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

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BILL HEMMER (CO-HOST): Part of the reason why the ebb and flow happens at different times, and I think we can all agree on this, is what sort of policy is being developed by which particular administration. That word travels fast in Central and South America, Brad. They hear that. 

BRAD BLAKEMAN (REPUBLICAN POLITICAL CONSULTANT): There's no doubt about it. They seize the opportunity because of our weakness, of our border and our security. As Mo says, it is a complicated --

HEMMER: That could be but there is another side to this. Maybe they sense the weakness. But they also feel as if it will strengthen soon --

BLAKEMAN: That's it, right.

HEMMER: -- and their opportunity will be blown. 

BLAKEMAN: Exactly. That's the opportunity they have, because they don't know when the tap is going to be turned off. So now they have an opportunity to come to this country. They know that we are at war internally as to how to fix it, so they exploit the weakness. Shame on us. But this should be a bipartisan effort on comprehensive immigration. You know, last year they shut down the government, Democrats, on DACA. We're not even talking about DACA, when the president gave them the opportunity to bring DACA to the table. So I think there are missed opportunities on a lot of sides, but the problem still remains. 


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