Fox Pushes “Regular Guy” And Contributor Scott Brown For Trump VP

Fox News contributor Scott Brown's network colleagues are pushing him as a potential running mate for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. The network -- where Brown has worked on and off as a contributor -- has been boosting the half-term senator's political ambitions for years. 

During a January 16 event in New Hampshire where Brown introduced Trump, the business mogul responded to an audience member's suggestion that Brown should be his running mate by replying, “He's central casting! A great guy and a beautiful wife and a great family. So important!” On February 2, Brown officially endorsed Trump for president, calling him “a change agent.”

Since his endorsement, Brown's Fox colleagues have regularly floated him as a potential Trump running mate. For instance:

  • Fox Business host Trish Regan interviewed Brown about him potentially being Trump's vice president. Regan agreed with Trump's assessment that Brown could be a VP candidate out of “central casting.” Regan also explained that “what a lot of viewers may not realize about you -- because, you know, when you come on set here you're all spiffy, dressed in your nice suit -- is that you're a pretty regular guy. I mean, you drive a pickup. You work assembling bikes at Gus' Bike Shop in North Hampton.” She later asked him, “vice-presidential nominee, potential, would you consider it?” Brown replied he's “flattered” but it's “highly, highly unlikely.” [Fox Business, Intelligence Report, 2/3/16]
  • Fox Business host Charles Payne told Brown that people are thinking about him as Trump's running mate and commented, “you look good in that seat.” Brown dodged Payne's question about whether he would accept the slot. [Fox Business, Making Money with Charles Payne, 2/3/16
  • Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo asked Brown about the prospects of him being Trump's running mate. Brown dodged the question. [Fox Business, Mornings with Maria, 2/3/16]
  • Fox News host Martha MacCallum asked Trump about whether he was thinking about a running mate and mentioned Brown. Trump replied, “I like Scott Brown because he endorsed me,” but said it's too far in advance to think about. [Fox News, America's Newsroom, 2/9/16]
  • Neil Cavuto, senior vice president and anchor for Fox News and Fox Business, said when he saw a picture of Trump and Brown together, he thought: “Hey, that could be the ticket right there.” [Fox News, Your World with Neil Cavuto, 2/9/16, via NewsHounds]

Fox News has spent years trying to further Brown's political career. The channel spent significant time boosting his only successful Senate run in 2010. After he lost his reelection bid in 2012, Brown was hired by Fox News. He then left the network and received major but ultimately unsuccessful help from Fox in his New Hampshire Senate bid. He was rehired by Fox in 2014.