Fox personalities repeatedly pushed conspiracy theories about George Soros funding migrant caravans. Will the network do anything about them?

Fox is facing widespread criticism for an episode of Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Tonight, in which Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell suggested the “Soros-occupied State Department,” in reference to billionaire philanthropist George Soros, was helping fund a group of migrants traveling to the United States. In response, Fox has said in a statement that that Farrell “will no longer be appearing as a guest on Fox Business Network or Fox News Channel,” and an executive from the network said, “We condemn the rhetoric by the guest on Lou Dobbs Tonight. This episode was a repeat which has now been pulled from all future airings.”

These are quite the statements given that many Fox personalities and frequent guests have repeatedly pushed similar claims with no repercussions that George Soros is funding migrant caravans. Here are a handful of examples from 2018: