Fox panel cheers on Gianforte assault: “Snowflake” reporter got “Montana justice”

Rob O'Neill: “I think it's kind of funny based on my history”

From the May 25 edition of Fox News' The Fox News Specialists:

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ROB O'NEILL: I am from Montana, Butte, Montana. Right where this happened, I'm familiar with the race. It wasn't making any headlines at all because President Trump won Montana by, I think plus 20 points. The guy he is running against is all about the environment and all of this stuff all of a sudden. What happened there in Montana, apparently the snowflake reporter invaded Gianforte's safe space. We have a saying up there, “you mess around, you mess around, you might not be around.” I have a history of with these guys. When the Bin Laden story came out. These guys kind of bum-rushed my father, they got him to say some stuff, he didn't know what “on the record, off the record” --

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): The Guardian.

O'NEILL: I believe it was The Guardian, if I'm wrong  -- same tactics, same ambush tactics --  granted I'm not condoning the body slam. I think it's kind of funny based on my history.  


RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: This guy was not a reporter looking for a fair story. He was obviously doing a take down on him. And this guy got his back up -- he got a little bit of Montana Justice.


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