Fox Panel Can't Help But Mention That Some Men Are Falsely Accused When Discussing Stanford Rape

From the June 9 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier:

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CHARLES LANE: Well, I think the probation report, even though it recommended a year, probably sent a lenient signal to the judge because it, in itself, was so far below what the state had recommended. This issue is absolutely roiling all over college campuses all over the country. And this case is going to be the case for those who say rape is not taken seriously enough.

I would just say that another case has just dropped today. Jack Montague, the former guard on the Yale basketball team, has now sued Yale for unfairly expelling him, for what he says was -- on the basis of a total lack of due process for an alleged sexual assault there, and that's going to turn into the, you know, the flag for people who think that some guys are being falsely accused. This is not going away.

BAIER: Well see, I mean we can look back to recent history, and the Duke rape case as well. Charles?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: And Duke and a lot of other cases are done internally by the university, which is unequipped to do anything like this and to give a due process. So, it's good that it was in the courts. It was done correctly up until, I think, when we would all agree, the sentencing, where the judge made an inexplicable decision.

But, I think the reason why it strikes people so hard is there is no ambiguity. This involved an unconscious woman. There's usually ambiguity of some sort, or there often is on consent. There was none here. It was open and shut.


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