Fox News' Tyrus suggests running over protesters with a monster truck

Tyrus: “Remember Bigfoot trucks? … We just rev up the trucks and let them go”

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Citation From the February 13, 2024, edition of Fox News' Gutfeld!

TYRUS (CONTRIBUTOR): There's always an opportunity for economic growth with these situations. The reason why they protest on freeways isn't because they like the open road. It's because they don't have the numbers, so the only way they get numbers is by involving regular people who are trying to get little Johnny to Chuck E. Cheese on his birthday and then they get all the big numbers and then the press comes because they need the civilians who don't want anything to do with it to get attention.

So we have to make it fun. Instead of making a law, let's bring back – remember Bigfoot trucks? Let's start bringing those trucks back, have one on each freeway. When they get up there, like the game Frogger -- and we just rev up the trucks and let them go. Why can't we have some fun? I would go to that protest. I would be there driving.

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): You mean you'd be jumping over them?

TYRUS: No, no. Oh, no. I'd just drive through.