Fox News' “trust fund baby” prime-time host is on a mission to demonize the homeless

On his prime-time Fox News show, Tucker Carlson, an admitted “trust fund baby” and “out-of-the-closet elitist,” has taken a surprising interest in the subject of homelessness in America. But his programming mostly consists of attacking people experiencing homelessness, complaining they make cities “dirty,” describing them as criminals and drug addicts, and claiming they’re victims of “family dissolution.”

Carlson’s attacks culminated in a May 13-17 nightly series titled “Homeless in America” in which he showed b-roll of unsuspecting people on the streets of West Coast cities and labeled them drug addicts and menaces to society. Carlson also repeatedly suggested that “normal people” are the real victims of the homelessness crisis, even claiming that the issue is preventing families from visiting public parks. Overall, his coverage has largely framed the issue as a moral and personal failure of struggling individuals, drawing on the longstanding Fox News tactic of shaming poor people.


Tucker Carlson blames homelessness in Los Angeles on immigration and sanctuary cities