Fox News' Tom Shillue suggests Bob Odenkirk's heart attack was caused by the COVID vaccine

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Citation From the September 19, 2023, edition of Fox News' Gutfeld!

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): Should you judge somebody on their politics when selecting a doctor?

TOM SHILLUE (GUEST): Well, it's interesting because like I say, like you said, like Jamie said, give [Bob Odenkirk] credit because it seems like he's learning, you know?


SHILLUE: And that was a revelation for him. "Oh, wait a minute. This guy's a Republican but maybe he's the guy who was going to give me the good advice." Actually, I don't like his advice. I don't like statins. There's just too many people on them, so just -- You know, I don't think there's any reason to think that's why he had his heart attack. You know, maybe it was a different thing that caused his heart attack, like the injection he got three months before the had the heart attack, the experimental injection. Yeah. Maybe, maybe.

GUTFELD: You really hate that vaccine, don't you?