Fox News Sunday links “disrespectful” progressives confronting politicians verbally to terrorist acts

From the October 28 edition of Fox News Sunday:

CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): With a spike in political and now religious violence in recent days, we want to take a look at the growing political divide in our country that seems in ever greater danger of boiling over. Here's Fox News White House correspondent Kevin Corke.


DONALD TRUMP (UNITED STATES PRESIDENT): Political violence must never, ever be allowed in America and I will do everything in my power to stop it.


KEVIN CORKE (FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT): It was a call for peace, but for President Trump, taming America's political tempest might prove to be the heaviest lift yet of his presidency. In the 21 months since Mr. Trump took office, the nation's political climate has become increasingly disruptive.


CORKE: The latest temper of the times -- that mass shooting at a synagogue and the arrest of a suspect who authorities believe sent more than a dozen pipe bombs to Democrats across the country -- a reflection of a political culture now awash in vitriol and venom, where letters sent to leaders containing the raw materials for ricin have barely shocked the senses. And political players mete out harsh judgment with impunity.


CORKE: Just who is at fault for the current political environment is a debate that will be had for some time. What is clear is our need to examine how we got to this point and where we go from here.


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