On Fox News' straight news show, guest pushes debunked conspiracy theory about Black Lives Matter

Bernie Kerik claims Black Lives Matter payment processor ActBlue is funding the Democratic Party and the “systemic slaughter of Blacks”

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Citation From the July 6, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum

BERNARD KERIK: If Black lives matter, really mattered to Black Lives Matter the organization -- you had 7 and close to 80 people shot and 14 dead in Chicago. We had 44 shot, 6 dead, in New York and 28 shot, 4 dead in Atlanta, 20 shot, 3 dead in Cleveland. I don't see no marches there. I don't see no protest. I don't see no screaming and yelling. I don't see anything from Black Lives Matter. There is systemic slaughter of Black-on-Black members of communities all over the country that are led by Democrats. Those cities, led by Democrats. And if you go -- and here's my point to the funding issue -- if you go to the Black Lives organization website, and you donate money, it goes to ActBlue. And if you look -- ActBlue is a 501 3(c) that, basically, gives tens of millions of dollars to the Democratic Party. Where's that money going? Back to the communities where they oversee these cities that, you know, there's this systemic slaughter of Blacks. It's gotta stop.