Fox News still identifying GOP fundraiser Schoen as a “Democratic pollster”

On October 7, the campaign of Republican New York congressional candidate John Gomez announced that Fox News contributor Doug Schoen would appear at an October 10 fundraiser. Since that announcement, Schoen has appeared on Fox News three times, each time labeled as a “Democratic pollster.”

Gomez is apparently not the only Republican Schoen has supported this election cycle. According to Federal Election Commission records, a “Doug Schoen” in New York donated $500 to Angela McGlowan in March. Schoen's occupation is listed as a “consultant” and has the same address as previous contributions listing the employer Penn, Schoen & Berland (the consulting firm where Schoen served as a partner). McGlowan is a Fox News contributor who briefly left the network to run for congress in Mississippi. Schoen and McGlowan have appeared together on television.

Today, on America's Newsroom, co-anchor Bill Hemmer and on-screen text identified Schoen as a “Democratic pollster.” During the segment, Schoen trashed Democrats as not “having a record” and running simply on attacking Republicans. Schoen was paired against Republican consultant Brad Blakeman.

On Friday, Schoen appeared on On the Record. Host Greta Van Susteren also introduced Schoen as a “Democratic pollster.” Schoen - shockingly -- used the segment to bash Democrats.

And last night, Sean Hannity hosted Schoen and introduced him as a “Democratic pollster.” Hannity and Gomez are childhood friends, and Hannity has publicized and promoted Gomez. As previously noted, Hannity also reportedly promised to bring in event headliners for Gomez's campaign. Indeed, Newsday reported that fellow Fox News contributor and frequent Hannity guest Newt Gingrich headlined a fundraiser for Gomez through Hannity.

In none of the appearances did Fox News mention Schoen's Gomez fundraiser, or his apparent donation to McGlowan.

On Monday, Schoen was awarded “Worst Person in the World” bronze by Keith Olbermann.