Fox News' Steve Doocy says Republicans want chaos at the southern border “through November so they can say, ‘Joe Biden broke it’”

Doocy: “Republicans are running on it and Joe Biden’s numbers are so underwater on it”

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Citation From the February 5, 2024, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

MARK MEREDITH (CORRESPONDENT): Because this is such a comprehensive package, guys, you can imagine how difficult this is going to be. But it is the White House that is coming out in support of this. You do have some Republican senators. Also, we heard from Senator McConnell, the Senate minority leader also a fan so far. But whether or not this actually gets to fruition, anybody's guess at this point. 

STEVE DOOCY (HOST): Because the Republicans are running on it and Joe Biden's numbers are so underwater on it, the Republicans want this through November so they can say, "Joe Biden broke it." But then the Democrats, now, if the Republicans don't go for it, are going to be able to say, "Hey, we had this plan and the Republicans blew it up. So, you know, sorry about the fentanyl." 

MEREDITH: Steve, you're right. You almost, kind of can see those campaign ads that'll be coming out here just in a matter of months. And former president Trump has made it clear he doesn't want this package to move forward either.