Fox News' self-defeating graphics department

Contrary to Glenn Beck's programming directives, Fox News took a quick break yesterday from hyperventilating and misinforming about ACORN to hyperventilate and misinform about health care, as Neil Cavuto molded an entire segment around the Investor's Business Daily poll showing that legions of doctors will up and quit if any sort of health care reform is passed. As Nate Silver helpfully explained, the IBD survey, which runs contrary to every legitimate poll of physicians on health care reform, is the product of biased and inept polling practices.

Nevertheless, Cavuto hyped the discredited IBD poll, calling it “a brand new poll showing that 45 percent of America's doctors will consider hanging up their stethoscopes for good if the government overhauls health care.” But even as he touted the poll's “strong warning,” Cavuto's graphics department was working to undermine him [emphasis added]: