Fox News segment suggests fascist symbols at Canadian trucker convoy are false flags

Joe Warmington: Nazi and Confederate flags at Ottawa trucker rally “were most likely props that were put in to try to quell this thing. ... I smell a rat.”

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Citation From the February 10, 2022, edition of Fox's America Reports with John Roberts and Sandra Smith 

JOHN ROBERTS (ANCHOR): So, there's a lot of pejoratives that are being thrown around about the people who are involved in these protests, but what is the real situation on the ground? We want to bring in Joe Warmington, he's a reporter for the Toronto Sun, and he has made his way from Toronto, where he is normally based, up there to Canada's capital of Ottawa. So, Joe, we were saying that early on in these protests there were some swastikas that were displayed. I have seen a picture of one fella who was carrying a Confederate Flag, that brush has been used to paint literally everybody who is involved in this protest. But, what is the real story and what are you seeing on the ground there in Ottawa?

JOE WARMINGTON (TORONTO SUN REPORTER): Well, the capital of Canada right now is "Truckistan," really. I mean, you can see it. They have even got their own watch tower over my shoulder, and basically there is no answer for it. As far as these horrible hate flags, I mean, those were most likely props that were put in to try to quell this thing and, you know, obviously that didn't work, and really nothing has worked.

ROBERTS: So, are you saying that some people were trying to actually have aspersions cast on the truckers by stirring things up with some of those symbols?

WARMINGTON: Well, I mean, you know, obviously you don't know for sure, but I think it's kind of textbook to do something like that. The flags themselves, the ones that you referred to, were nowhere near all of this, they were in other parts of town. Nobody really saw them outside of social media. So, I smell a rat on that. I don't see anything like that. There's no hate here that I've seen. There's no danger here that I've seen. There's no violence here that I've seen. It's a, you know, a party atmosphere and it is what it is. I mean, it's got under the skin of the prime minister, he has no answer for it, and of course when you have no answer for it, you are going to have to come up with things and that's all that was.