Fox News' Sean Hannity calls House Republicans opposing Jim Jordan for speaker, “sensitive little snowflakes”

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Citation From the October 16, 2023, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Why is it a shock to certain lawmakers and members of the media mob, all of you out there, that yours truly, a member of the press, is daring to ask elected representatives, the so-called public servants in this country, if and when they plan to wrap up the speaker battle and reopen the people's house amid growing chaos both at home and abroad? I have a lot more to say on this later.

But I do have to chuckle that a few of my questions, simple questions, that I asked to some Republicans over the weekend about the importance of getting a speaker as soon as possible, showed we have a few sensitive little snowflakes in Congress. 

Here's the truth. They are the majority. They need to act like it. No deals with the Democrats and that would mean, yeah, no temporary solutions either. Elect a speaker, get the house open, and start doing your job. 

The good news is the anonymous votes end tomorrow and we will know and we will see which Republicans understand what is the importance of this moment in history, not only for the Republican Party, for them to unite, them to lead by reopening the people's house, while we have war in the Middle East and war in Europe and open borders and serious budget deadlines.