Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo says House Republicans are “denying the people a branch of government” with speaker fiasco

Arroyo: “This has got to end right now”

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Citation From the October 18, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

RAYMOND ARROYO (GUEST): Today, Jim Jordan lost two votes to become speaker. 22 Republicans voted against him, and now there's talk that Congressman Dave Joyce of Pennsylvania is going to introduce legislation to expand the powers of the speaker pro temp and make Patrick McHenry the temporary speaker with full powers. This is a ruinous idea, I think. 

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Well, he's the favorite candidate, I think right now, of Wall Street, and he's of the pro-China caucus because he really doesn't want to put any blockade or any regulations on businesses investing China. So he's been a real, you know advocate for more American businesses to go over to China. That's a real problem, especially when China is working against us in Ukraine, pretty much in the Israeli conflict, so I don't get this at all. 

ARROYO: But Laura, he hasn't been elected. He was appointed by Kevin McCarthy. You need somebody who's elected by the full House, and you can't change these rules. This is the guy who's third in line for the president. The House speaker controls all the business, the schedule, the bills, the money for the country. This is far too important a position to not have the full House vote on a candidate. Put one forward, and the GOP is denying the American people a branch of government. This has got to end right now.