Fox News Primetime: “Leftists hate you and your baby”

Ben Domenech: “Their problem seems to be that there are American kids at all”

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Citation From the August 4, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox News Primetime 

BEN DOMENECH (HOST): If you are wide awake, you understand that today's woke leftists hate many, many things. The Constitution, Donald Trump, Fox News, comedy, and, of course, you. But, if you've ever noticed, there's really one thing that woke socialist progressives seem to hate more than anything else. And that's babies.

Of course, the industrialized murder of 60 million unborn infants since Roe vs. Wade is reason enough to question if when Democrats promise to take care of your children, they mean it like Mary Poppins or Tony Soprano. But even on issues less fundamental than abortion, the left just doesn't take their problems out on America's kids.

Their problem seems to be that there are American kids at all. Radical environmentalists regard children as enemies of the climate. Corporate elites see babies as expensive competitors for the time, attention, and creativity of professional women, which they apparently feel should belong exclusively to them. Critical race theory con men suggest that babies become racist as early as 3 months old.