Fox News politics editor: Ralph Northam should “dig in” instead of listening to “the lynch mob”

Chris Stirewalt predicts that Republicans will come to Northam's defense on blackface because they are “more sensitive to these issues”

From the February 4 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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CHRIS STIREWALT (FOX NEWS POLITICS EDITOR): I have to reach back to [former governor of South Carolina] Mark Sandford to find a gubernatorial press conference as uniquely awful and terrible as [Gov. Ralph Northam's] press conference. Did you see the part where he almost moonwalked? He was explaining the part where, “I didn't wear blackface that time, but there was another time I wore blackface, and when I did, I was being Michael Jackson,” and the reporter says, “Can you still moonwalk?” And he looks like he's making space to do it, and then his wife goes, “No.”

JON SCOTT (CO-HOST): Were it not for the presence of his wife, we would have seen the gubernatorial moonwalk.

STIREWALT: And, I, for one, am deeply regretful that I missed seeing Ralph Northam moonwalk in his self defense. I would only say this: Ralph Northam -- if I was Ralph Northam, I wouldn't be going anywhere. I would be -- as a matter of fact, I would be digging in and waiting, and, you know what I would be waiting for? I would be waiting for Republicans. Because, it'll be Republicans in the end -- even though this is the guy, doctor death, this is the guy, who in the grimmest possible terms, talked about what Republicans and pro-life people say is infanticide, they will come around on this issue for him because, on Covington Catholic and all these other things, Republicans are highly conscious about the lynch mob, the online, the internet mob as it forms up, they're more sensitive to these issues. If I was Northam, I'd dig in. 


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