Fox News panel attacks Elizabeth Warren for drinking a beer on Instagram Live: “She's playing the gender card”

Harris Faulkner: “Why beer? Why that beverage? Is that to appeal to, like, male voters?”

From the January 2 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): All right, so, you heard the male voice in the background there. Right? And I -- somebody tell me, why beer? Why that beverage? Is that to appeal to, like, male voters? I'm just wondering, because she's playing the gender card. But I'm confused. 

LISA BOOTHE (CO-HOST): She's trying to be relatable. She's trying to be like, “Hello, Earthlings, I'm just like you.” She's trying to be relatable, and I feel like if you're trying to be relatable, you're not relatable. 


JILLIAN MELE (CO-HOST): I just think that seeing that video of her like, “Let me go grab a beer.” What was her exact terminology? “Let me go grab me a beer,” I think that was exactly it. I just, I think, it seems staged to me. I mean, maybe it wasn't, I don't know, maybe that's harsh. But, if you're trying to be relatable, trying too hard is not going to get there. 


RICHARD FOWLER (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): The whole notion always has been, I vote for the person I'd like to have a beer with. She decided to have a beer and have an Instagram Live conversation -- 

FAULKNER: Oh, is that what that was about? 

FOWLER: She decided to have an Instagram Live conversation with people -- 

FAULKNER: It didn't make me think of that. 

FOWLER: Her supporters probably liked it. It worked for them and remember --

FAULKNER: Then why wasn't she actually having a beer with somebody?


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