Fox News' Newt Gingrich demands Republicans primary the “traitors” who voted to remove McCarthy

Gingrich: “They should all be driven out of public life”

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Citation From the October 3, 2023, edition of Fox News' Hannity

NEWT GINGRICH (GUEST): I think it's a very sad day because I think Kevin McCarthy is one of the most talented leaders I've ever worked with. I think that he accomplished an amazing amount for having a small majority and having to take on both the Senate and the White House. And I think this is really a tragic outcome. This was a leader who both gained seats in 2020, gained seats in 2022, increased the number of women members, increased the number of veterans, increased the number of minority members, and he had a vision for a better future. 

And let's be clear here Sean, if the University of Georgia Bulldogs, who are the number one team in the country right now, if you started a game and four of the members of the offensive squad decided they were actually on the Alabama side and began tackling your own people, you'd probably get them off the field. Well, think about what we saw today. 4 percent, 4 percent decided they were so morally superior, so intellectually pure, so patriotically better, that they would side with the Democrats and, that's what they did, in order to defeat the entire Republican House Caucus.

96 percent of the Republicans voted for McCarthy, 4 percent voted against him. For my position as a longtime Republican activist, they're traitors, all eight of them should be primaried. They should all be driven out of public life, what they did was to go to the other team to cause total chaos. We ought to be focusing on Biden, we ought to be focusing on the economy, we ought to be focusing on the border. Instead you're going to get a week or ten days of the media focusing on Republican disarray. It's a astonishing destructive behavior by a handful of egocentric people who think they're superior to 96 percent of the conference.