Fox News misinformation, now in print

Fox News ran a full page ad today in the Washington Post, NY Post, and Wall Street Journal touting their coverage of the Tea Party protest.


Of course as Media Matters has documented, Fox essentially acted as a sponsor of the protest. But even worse, Fox claims in the ad that their competitors (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN) didn't cover the demonstration. But as TVNewser reports, they did.

NBC News had crews on the mall and correspondent Tom Costello reported live for NBC Nightly News Saturday. A Nightly News spokesperson tells TVNewser, “and more than 5.2 million viewers watched our coverage.” It was Weekend Nightly's best Total Viewer delivery since April.

ABC News was there too with reports for Good Morning America Saturday and Sunday. Kate Snow interviewed GOP Sen. Jim DeMint who was a speaker at the rally. even had to correct a report about the number of attendees which was erroneously attributed to the network. Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks, the organizer of the event, made that claim. He would later say, “I regret misrepresenting the network as [ABC's] coverage that day was fair and honest.” And from NoonET Saturday to NoonET Sunday, ABC News Radio referenced the rally in 69 separate newscasts.

And CBS News was there -- with multiple crews -- TV and radio. Congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes reported it as the lead story on Saturday's CBS Evening News. CBS Radio News provided hourly reports throughout the day and reported the story as the rotating lead all day, using Cordes' video before it appeared in her Evening News story.

CNN was there as well, their Radio correspondent even got up close with the crowds.

If Fox can't tell the truth about a simple issue like this...