The Fox “News” Lie

Fox's “news” side pushed misinformation every day for four months straight

Fox News likes to tout the “hard news” side of its operation, setting up a false distinction between its right-wing prime-time hosts and the members of its news team as a defense against those who flag the propaganda, lies, conspiracy theories, and bigotry that pervade the network. But a Media Matters investigation found that the “news side” isn't as inoculated as the network claims. We looked at Fox News and Fox Business programming for the first four months of 2019, and we documented examples of the “news” division spreading misinformation on air every single day between January 1 and April 30.

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Research contributed by Katie Sullivan, Grace Bennett, Bobby Lewis, Courtney Hagle, Zachary Pleat, Gabby Miller, Tyler Monroe, Alex Walker, & Tim Johnson. PDF Design by Sarah Wasko.