Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley defends Donald Trump’s attempt to pressure Georgia officials into finding more votes

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Citation From the August 14, 2023, edition of Fox News' Hannity

JONATHAN TURLEY (CONTRIBUTOR): One of the most concerning aspects about this particular investigation, and there's a number of them, is that it began after the disclosure of the call of Donald Trump to Georgia election officials. That call has been widely misrepresented in my view. In the call, President Trump at the time said you only need to find around 11,000 votes and that has been taken as an invitation for fraud.

There is, of course, a more obvious explanation and that is the Georgia officials were saying that further state recounts might not be necessary. And it would be natural for Trump to say, "Look, you only need to find 11,000 to turn the outcome of this election. So I don't need that many votes. Thus, a state recount is justified." Now either of those interpretations could be believed by citizens but you usually need something more clear to establish a criminal case. To me, the more innocent explanation is the more obvious one.