Fox News' Keith Ablow: Unabomber Was Right That Liberals Are “Psychologically Disordered”

Fox News' Keith Ablow wrote that serial killer Ted Kaczynski's crimes were “reprehensible” but promoted claims made in Kaczynski's manifesto that liberals are “psychologically disordered.”

In a June 26 column, Ablow claimed that while Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, committed “reprehensible” crimes, he was “precisely correct in many of his ideas.” Ablow went on to claim that Kaczynski “must wonder what it will take for Americans to wake up” after “what constitutes the core of a human life” was being threatened by “technology and leftist political leaders.” Ablow concluded by promoting Kaczynski's manifesto, claiming “it is time for people to read 'Industrial Society and its Future,' by convicted serial killer Ted Kaczynski” [emphasis original]:

He saw the political “left” as embracing these technologies with special fervor, because they were in keeping with the “leftist” ideology that centralized power was the way to govern men.  

He saw these “leftists” as psychologically disordered--seeking to compensate for deep feelings of personal disempowerment by banding together and seeking extraordinary means of control in society.

Well, Kaczynski, while reprehensible for murdering and maiming people, was precisely correct in many of his ideas.  


And having seen Barack Obama elected, in part, by mastering the use of the Internet as a campaign tool, then watching his administration preside over eavesdropping on the American public, monitoring their emails and tapping their phones, denying them their due process and privacy, and making a play to disarm them, Kaczynski, must wonder what it will take for Americans to wake up to the fact that their individuality and autonomy--indeed, what constitutes the core of a human life--is under siege (by the very forces he predicted--technology and leftist political leaders).

What the Unabomber did was reprehensible.  And he was wrong:  Killing people to bring attention to his ideas ended up making most people lock up his ideas, along with him.  They became unmentionable, for politically correct folks.

Well, I would rather be correct, than politically correct. And it is time for people to read “Industrial Society and its Future,” by convicted serial killer Ted Kaczynski.  His work, despite his deeds, deserves a place alongside “Brave New World,” by Aldous Huxley, and “1984,” by George Orwell.