Fox News' Jesse Watters demands Republicans impeach Joe Biden to distract from the indictment of Donald Trump

Watters: “I want the distraction. I think that’s the main event”

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Citation From the June 9, 2023, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): At this point I don't care anymore. I mean, he's, like, locking up the frontrunner on the Republican side. You got all these smoking guns. How many whistleblowers do you need to say the guy was taking bribes? What, are you just not going to impeach because it's going to be a distraction? I want the distraction. I think that's the main event. If you have a corrupt plagiarist who's taking bribes and selling out the country for policy, and he's sitting there flaunting it like, "Oh, you haven't found the money yet," I'm not going to put up with that and I don't think the American people should either.