Fox News' Jesse Watters attacks efforts to register small business owners to vote

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Citation From the May 8, 2024, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Nothing is going in the right direction for Joe Biden. He's trailing Trump in every single one of the swing state averages. With so many Democrats bailing, the campaign needs a backup plan: find more Democrats. How do they do that and where do they get them from? Joe Biden ordered every single one of his federal agencies to register new voters. If you visit, they try to register you to vote. The Department of Interior wants you to register to vote at national parks. If you're in the free lunch program, the USDA persuades your parents to register. And HUD's trying to register homeless people. You see what's happening here right?

Biden is using your tax dollars to register Democrats to vote in the election. You say wait, Jesse, he wants everyone to register to vote. No, no, no, he's targeting people who interact with the federal government, people who are depending on government assistance, families that get food stamps, families in the free lunch program, families that get free healthcare, homeless people. Is this a demographic that you'd consider traditionally Republican? I don't know, maybe. 

It also looks to me like Biden wants as many ballots floating around as possible. Taxpayers, Democrats and Republicans across the country are funding a massive get out the vote project for Biden. Whether they like it or not. Just this week Biden's Small Business Administration got busted running voter registration drives in Michigan. Why Michigan? Well, here's how they explain it: “This partnership will help connect Michiganders to vital voter registration information so that more small business owners can exercise their right to vote." It's not like Michigan doesn't know there's an election. Every time they turn on their TV, there's a campaign ad, and Trump and Biden visit every other week. Where do these voter registration drives take place? Democrat strongholds, not red counties. Republicans in Congress tried to investigate and bring the officials in for questions, but the Biden guys blew them off and didn't even show.